Product Brand Content / Packageing
Arrowroot Flour Pla 500 g/pack
Barley Khao Thong 500g/pack
Basil Seed Raitip 100 g/pack
Black Bean Raitip 500 g./pack
Black Dried Ear Mushroom N/A 2x500g/pack
Black Glutinous Flour Bua Loy 500 g/pack
Black Sticky Rice Raitip 500g/pack
Bread Crumb Farmhouse 1kg/pack
Brown Jasmine Rice Tai Tai 1x4x5 kg.
Cane Sugar mixed with Coconut Sugar (Palm Sugar) Mitr Phol 1 kg./pack
Canned Water Chestnut in Syrup Malee 1x16x565 g.
Chilli Crushed Maepranom 1x24x134g
Chilli in Oil for Tom Yam Maepranom 1x6x3kg
Chilli Oil (Seasoning Oil) Chua Ha Sang 1x12x720 ml.
Chilli Paste (Chilli in Oil) Chua Ha Sang 1x12x500g
Chilli Paste With Soya Bean Oil Pantainorasing 1x12x500g
Chilli Powder Raitip 500g/pack
Chilli Sauce (Strong Hot) Sriracha 1x12x570 g.
Chilli Sauce in Sachet Roza 1x100x11g
Coconut Cream 22% (can) Chaokoh 1x24x400 ml.
Coconut Milk Chaokoh 1x24x500ml.
Coconut Milk Chaokoh 1x12x1000 ml.
Coconut Sugar Mitr Phol 1 kg./pack
Concentrated Artficial Cream Soda Flavored Syrup Hale's blue boy 1x12x710 ml
Concentrated Artficial Sala Flavored Syrup Hale's blue boy 1x12x710 ml
Concentrated Tamarind Sauce Knorr 1x9x1kg
Curry Powder Waugh's 1x12x200g
Dark Soy Sauce Nguan Chiang 1x12x700 ml.
Dipping for Chicken Sauce Maepranom 1x12x980 g
Dried Big Chillii N/A 1 kg/pack
Dried Lotus Seed N/A 1 kg/pack
Dried Shitake Mushroom N/A 2x500g/pack
Dried Small Chilli N/A 1 kg/pack
Dried Tamarind (Tamarind Plub) N/A 1 kg/pack
Egg Noodle Curry Mix Lobo 12x50g
Evaporated Milk Canation 1x24x388g
Fish Sauce Tiparos 1x12x700 ml.
Fish Sauce Squid 1x12x700 ml.
Fried Garlic Raitip 500g/pack
Fried Onion N/A 2x500g/Pack
Glutinous Flour Erawan 500 g/pack
Glutinous Flour New Grade 400g/pack
Instant Tom Yum Paste Maepranom 1x24x228 g.
Jasmine Rice Golden Phoenix 1x4x5 kg.
Jasmine Rice Panomroung 1x4x5 kg.
Jasmine Rice Royal Umbrella 1x4x5 kg.
Jelly Powder Mermaid 50g
Kanom Jeen Hand No. 1 200g
Kimchee Korean N/A 1x20x500g
Light Soy Sauce (Formula 1) Nguan Chiang 1x12x700 ml.
Lime Juice Ruamros 1x12x700 ml
Lood Chong Khun Pum 130g/pack
Mild Chilli Sauce Pantainorasing 1x12x830 ml.
Milk Product for Cooking & Bakery Falcon 1x24x385g
Millet Raitip 500g/pack
Mung Bean Raitip 500 g/pack
Oyster Sauce Nguan Chiang 1x4x4300 cc.
Oyster Sauce Mae Krua 1x12x600 cc.
Oyster Sauce Healthy Boy 1x12x800g
Oyster Sauce Panda Lee Kum Kee 1x6x2200g
Oyster Sauce Mae Krua 1x3x4500cc
Pad Thai Seasoning (Bottle) Maepranom 1x12x980 g.
Palm Sugar N/A 1 kg./pack
Peeled Mung Bean Raitip 500 g/pack
Pickled Garlic Mae Jin 870 g/bottle
Pickled Ginger Sliced Mae Jin 1800 g/bottle
Pickled Lettuce Pigeon 1x18x230g
Pickled Lime Mae Jin 870 g/bottle
Pickled Plum Mae Jin 900g/bottle
Premium Light Soy Sauce Megachef 1x12x500 ml.
Premium Oyster Sauce Megachef 1x12x600 ml.
Preserved vegetable (Thung Chai) Four Dragon 330 g/pack
Red Jasmine Rice Panomroung 2 kg./Pack
Red Jasmine Rice Golden Phonenix 2 kg./Pack
Red Kidney Bean Raitip 500g
Rice Flour Erawan 500 g/pack
Rice Flour New Grade 400g/pack
Rice Paper Sheet Khun Yuy 1x20x300 g.
Roasted Coconut Meat for Miangkam N/A 2x500g/pack
Roasted Crush Coconut N/A 1kg./Pack
Roasted Duck Seasoning Mix Lobo 12x50g
Rock Sugar Mitr Phol 500 g./pack
Ruam Mit Khun Pum 230g/pack
Salim Khun Pum 100g/pack
Salted Egg KCF 4 nos./pack
Seafood Dipping Maepranom 1x24x260g
Seasoning Oil Maepranom 1x12x750 ml.
Seasoning Sauce Nguan Chiang 1x12x700 ml.
Seasoning Sauce Maggi 1x12x700 ml.
Soy Bean Paste Nguan Chiang 1x12x805 g.
Soy Bean Paste Healthy Boy 1x12x800 g.
Soy Milk Vegetarian(UHT) Lactasoy 1x7x6x300ml
Soy Sauce Kikkoman 1x12x1liter
Soya Bean Sauce (Green cap) Protein 15% Golden Moutain 1x12x600 ml.
Stay Seasoning Mix Lobo 12x100g
Sweet & Sour Plum Sauce Maepranom 1x12x980 g
Sweet & Sour Plum Sauce Healthy Boy 1x24x350g.
Sweet Chilli Sauce (Dipping for Chicken) Marpranom 1x3x5kg
Sweet Chilli Sauce for Chicken Pantainorasing 1x12x880 g.
Sweet Plum Sauce Chua Ha Sang 1x12x900 g.
Sweet Radish (Shipo) Mae Kim Huay 1 kg/pack
Sweet Soy Sauce Healthy Boy 1x12x950 g.
Tamarind Paste Talad Thai 1x12x250g
Tapioca Flour New Grade 400 g/pack
Tapioca Flour Fish 500g/pack
Tapioca Sago Fish 500g
Tempura Flour Gogi 500g/pack
Thai Chilli Paste Maepranom 1x12x513 g.
Tom Yum Cube Knorr 1x24x24g
Unsweet Milk Canation 1x24x405ml
Vegetarian Cube Knorr 1x24x20g
White Dried Ear Mushroom N/A 2x500g/pack
White Soya Sauce (Soy Bean Sauce Formula 1) Healthy Boy 1x12x700 cc.
White Sticky Rice Raitip 1kg./Pack
Yellow Curry Powder Hand No. 1 500g/pack


Product Brand Content / Packageing
Kra Tung Thong N/A 2.5 Kg/Tin
Rice Cracker N/A 4 Kg/Tin
Uncooked Prawn Cracker Manora 500g/pack
Uncooked Pumpkin Chip Manora 500g/pack
Uncooked Taro Chip Manora 500g/pack

Curry Paste

Product Brand Content / Packageing
Chilli in oil Nittaya 1 kg/Pack
Chilli Paste In oil Mae Ploy 1x24x454g
Green Curry Paste Nittaya 1 kg/Pack
Green Curry Paste Mae Ploy 1x12x1000g
Masaman Curry Paste Nittaya 1 kg/Pack
Masaman Curry Paste Mae Ploy 1x12x1000g
Panang Curry Paste Nittaya 1 kg/Pack
Panang Curry Paste Mae Ploy 1x12x1000g
Red Curry Paste Nittaya 1 kg/Pack
Red Curry Paste Mae Ploy 1x12x1000g
Tom Yam Paste Mae Ploy 1x12x1000g
Yellow Curry Paste Mae Ploy 1x12x1000g
Yellow Curry Paste (Kari Curry Paste) Nittaya 1 kg/Pack


Product Brand Content / Packageing
Dried Rice Vermicelli Wai Wai 1x13x500g
Fresh Big Noodle N/A 1kg/ Pack
Fresh Egg Noodle - China Town N/A 1kg/ Pack
Fresh Green Noodle N/A 1kg/ Pack
Fresh Hokkien Noodle N/A 1kg/ Pack
Fresh Kanom Jeen N/A 1kg/ Pack
Fresh Kow Soy noodle N/A 1kg/ Pack
Fresh Small Noodle N/A 1kg/ Pack
Fresh Yellow Noodle (Soba) - Japanese Style Namchai 1kg/ Pack
Fresh Yellow Noodles N/A 1kg/ Pack
Glass Noodle Pine 1x6x500g
Long Life Noodle ( Mee Sue) Dragon 1x30x400g
Rice Stick for Pad Thai Jantaburi 1x30x400g
Wonton Sheet (pre cook) N/A 1kg/ Pack


Product Brand Content / Packageing
Egg Tofu (Tube) N/A 120 g/pack
Fried Tofu N/A 1 kg/pack
Soft Silk Tofu (Japanese Style) N/A 275 g/pack
Soy Bean Curd (Tube) Kaset 220 g/pack
White Bean Curd (White Tofu) N/A 280 g/pack
Yellow Bean Curd (Yellow Tofu) N/A 200 g/pack

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